Project INSPIRAR is the title for past and present research projects focusing on improving the health of children suffering from asthma who are under the care of Spanish speaking caregivers. Our mission is to promote good communication and encourage collaboration between Spanish speaking families and their child's health care providers. Using the results from our studies we want to prepare caregivers by improving access to educational information about asthma. We hope to reduce health care disparities for these children caused by language barriers, while increasing awareness to resources that would help these families. We will continue to add research project publications on this page that are available for download

An asthma action plan is a sheet of paper with instructions on how to recognize the symptoms of an asthma attack. The sheet lists the different types of medications available to treat asthma with instructions on when and how to use them. The plan also will help you to decide if your child’s symptoms can be controlled at home, at your pediatrician’s office, or if you need to take immediate action and take your child to the nearest hospital. If you know the names of your child’s medications you can download a personalized plan from this page.

Millions of children suffer from asthma. These children can live healthy and active lives if they follow an action plan to control asthma and prevent attacks. An asthma plan is the key to keep your child healthy.

This video was developed based on interviews and focus groups done with Spanish speaking caregivers of children with asthma. The video was developed in a collaboration with a multidisciplinary bilingual group with experience in pediatrics, emergency medicine, pulmonology and linguistics.


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